Songs from Erlanthis is a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign intended for 4-6 players. Erlanthis is a modular campaign world, meant to be built upon and maintained through a shared canon across all stories. Songs begins in the warded city of Vanamoor, one of the last remaining strongholds of human civilization.

Plagued by Hellwalkers, malevolent extraplanar beings actively marauding across Erlanthis, the citizens of this world made a full retreat to defensive settlements. Over the last thousand years, the majority of these cities have fallen; the ruins of this ancient civilization consumed by the Wilds.

The opening act of our story begins in the dawning days of Highsun, eleven hundred years after the opening of the Rift. The heat of Vanamoor is rising oppressively, leading to rising tensions; it would not take much to light the powderkeg and set the city into chaos.

Songs from Erlanthis

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