Erlanthis High Concept

The story of this campaign is based on the following core assumptions about the game world:

Mortal Creatures Are Being Hunted

The Age of Mortals is swiftly coming to a close. Roaming bands of Hellwalkers, intelligently malevolent planar creatures, roam the wilds looking for mortals foolish enough to wander from safety. Common folk in Erlanthis no longer live in hamlets or villages; for the most part, civilized life congregates in ancient, ruined cities protected by magical barriers known as wardwalls. Only the bravest of travelers would dare risk the Highroad, the ruined highway that once linked the realms of Men.

Resources Are Swiftly Dwindling

With little arable farmland protected by the wardwalls and no way to extend the wardwall protection, food is a scarce commodity. Local spellcasters do their best to supplement with magically summoned food, but even they are taxed to their limits. Special laws have been enacted to ensure that resources last as long as possible, strictly controlling things like population size, food usage and sanitation.

The Gods Are Silent

Clerics of the old faiths are still able to pray to their Gods, gain insight and the power to cast spells; however, no avatar or representative of the Gods has been seen in millennia. Some believe that the Gods grant their power begrudgingly as a way for Mortals to redeem themselves. Others claim that the Gods are dead and the clerics tap into the same aetheric flow as other arcane casters, deluding themselves.

Erlanthis Is Ancient

The once proud Highroad is ruined and in disrepair; tall grasses grow through the cracked cobbles and the warm wayhouses which used to mark the end of a day’s journey are burned out shells. The wilderness formerly tamed by ancient rangers has been reclaimed by the wild things; dangerous beasts, deadly creatures, and wandering nomads desperately keeping a step ahead of Hellwalker warbands. The maps of these wild lands are either dreadfully out of date or carefully guarded treasures. Magical towers linger abandoned in the depths of the Wild and sprawling ruins of once great cities echo only with the wailing of damned spirits.

Erlanthis Is a World of Powerful Lost Magic

Despite the bleak existence of mortal creatures who live here, Erlanthis is a world flowing with powerful magic. The wardwalls are given form and strength through powerful abjurative relics known as wardcores. Ruins of airships, held aloft by arcane winds can be found ruined in the Wilds. Bards tell tales of ancient magical academies, arcane observatories, and powerful waygates to other realms. Spellcasters in this world can feel the surging flow of the aether, the mighty magical current that infuses all things, every time that they cast a spell. Young spellcasters are warned as acolytes to resist the allure of the aether, for the weak-willed can lose themselves in the current and shatter their minds forever.

People of Erlanthis Cling Desperately to Hope

This campaign, despite the bleak overtones, focuses on Hope. Hope won through struggle and pain, Hope snatched from the jaws of despair. Hope for a better world, a better life and the strength of these heroes to inspire the downtrodden to greatness.

Erlanthis High Concept

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