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We begin our story in the ancient warded city of Vanamoor. Vanamoor lies at the meeting point of a great expanse of plains and arable farmland to the east and Telemar’s Shield, a mountain range which lies to the west. A series of lakes dot the surrounding terrain, once irrigated into the ripe farmlands of the past, but no longer. Forests begin to thicken into dense copses at the foothills of the Shield. Broken cobblestones and weeds mark the ancient Highroad which used to connect the major cities of Erlanthis, but no longer.

The Wardcore, the relic which powers the Wardwall protecting the city has been very slowly, but very steadily losing power. Over the previous few centuries, the outer reaches of the city have been exposed to the Hellwalker warbands hounding the city and summarily obliterated. Vanamoor’s downtown core, roughly 9 sqkm, now hosts a population of ten-thousand dirty, hungry souls.

Those without trades or magic turn to either labor or crime. Laborers dig wells, repair buildings long-since fallen to disuse, or are sent out into ruins of Old Vanamoor to salvage. Criminals are rampant In Vanamoor, stealing from anyone who has things worth stealing. The local sheriff and constabulary are jaded and often corrupt.

Special laws have been enacted to keep things in “order”. Every family has rights to bear only one child and bias leads to want for male children for labor. Steep sentences have been levied for crimes against the Magocracy and clergy, due to their life-preserving habits. This, of course, leads to extensive class division within the city.

What Your Character Knows

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